Selection of CNC bending machine mold

Different manufacturers process workpieces, which means that bosses have different requirements for the bending accuracy of CNC bending machines. The bending accuracy is determined by various factors such as the mold table.
Today, the editor will not talk about other things, let's have a good chat with the bosses about the choice of CNC bending machine molds:
Bending dies are divided into standard dies and special bending dies according to the bending process.
This standard mold is well understood, which means that the standard mold is generally used for right-angle bending or non-right-angle bending; while the special bending mold refers to the bending mold used for pressing dead edges, step bending and other special workpieces. .
In addition to selecting the bending die directly according to the bending process, the die can also be selected according to the thickness and material of the workpiece:
Generally, the thickness of the "V"-shaped notch is 6-10 times that of the sheet (0.5-2.6mm is 6T; 3-8mm is 8T; 9-10mm is 10T; 12mm or more is 12T). Choose a decimal number for the hour, and a large number when the thickness of the sheet is thick. The bending angle of standard bending workpieces is not less than 90 degrees during bending, while the angle of the upper and lower molds of the standard CNC bending machine is usually 88 degrees; in non-standard cases, different shapes of upper and lower molds can be selected; if special For the sheet metal workpiece, you can choose a bending die with a special shape for bending.