Importance of Coil Bender Machine

Coil Bender Machine is a kind of machine equipment that uses work rolls to bend thick plates. It can form cylindrical parts, cone-shaped parts and other different parts. It is a very critical production equipment, so its bending production Process work is a very critical production process.

1. The key to the production and processing of bending and forming in the processing of steel structures is to use the three-roll Coil Bender Machine to carry out several types of production and processing methods such as steel coils, bending, simmering, edge holding and abrasive suppression on the steel frame structure;

2. The production process of bending forming is carried out by heat treatment or cold drawing;

3. The coiling is the effect of the three-roll Coil Bender Machine, which stretches the surface chemical fibers of the thick steel plate, and reduces the inner chemical fibers to cause bending deformation, while the middle and high-level chemical fibers will not change. When the semi-warp of the drum is large, it can be rolled down at room temperature. If the semi-warp is small and the thick steel plate is too thick, the thick steel plate should be heated before being rolled;

4. The three-roll Coil Bender Machine rolls thick steel plates under normal temperature. There are three production and processing methods: mechanical equipment rolling, tire mold suppression and manual manufacturing. The mechanical equipment rolling was carried out on the three-roll Coil Bender Machine. The bending of the board on the machinery and equipment is done according to the working pressure that needs to be caused when the upper roller moves down.