Condenser coil bender | Anti-corrosion use problems of condenser coils

The material of the condensing coil of the closed cooling tower (evaporative condenser) is generally mainly carbon steel tube condenser, stainless steel condenser and copper tube condenser. The welding of tube sheet and tube is generally performed by manual arc welding. If the welding master is not particularly skilled, the shape of the weld has different degrees of defects, such as depressions, pores, slag inclusions, etc., and the distribution of weld stress is not uniform. When in use, the tube sheet part is in contact with industrial cooling water, and impurities, salts, gases and microorganisms in the industrial cooling water will cause corrosion to the tube sheet and welds.
Studies have shown that industrial water, whether it is freshwater or seawater, will have various ions and dissolved oxygen, and the concentration of chloride ions and oxygen changes, which play an important role in the corrosion shape of metals. In addition, the complexity of the metal structure also affects the corrosion morphology.
In view of the anti-corrosion problem of cooling towers, the traditional method is generally to apply a layer of anti-rust paint. If there is leakage, only repair welding can be done. Repair welding will easily generate internal stress inside the tube sheet, which may cause the cooling tower tube sheet to leak again. . Among them, the repair welding of copper pipes is the easiest, and the repair welding of stainless steel and carbon steel pipes is more difficult. The texture of galvanized carbon steel pipes is relatively brittle, and new cracks are prone to appear during the welding process, and the galvanized layer cannot be repaired by a large amount of damage. .
In addition to paying attention to the welding part, there are also the problems of antifreeze and descaling of the coil. descaling is also a routine maintenance work. Doing the routine maintenance will save time and produce more benefits. The descaling method selected according to the different pipe materials is also The difference is that the texture of the copper pipe is soft, and the surface is smooth and delicate with less scaling. You can choose a descaling agent that is less corrosive. The hard surface of the stainless steel pipe is also very smooth and not easy to scale. You can also use ordinary descaling agents. 

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