Coil Tube | What is a fan coil unit? What does it do?

Fan coil unit is the abbreviation of fan coil unit, which is one of the end devices of air conditioning system.
The working principle of the fan coil unit is briefly described as follows: cold water or hot water flows through the threaded copper pipe of the surface cooler, and then driven by the motor, the wind wheel actively rotates, and the cold and heat brought by the cold water/hot water in the copper pipe are transferred. Exhaust so that the air is cooled, dehumidified or heated. In this way, the indoor air temperature or humidity can be adjusted.
The above is the working principle of the fan coil unit as the end product of the central air conditioner.
Horizontal concealed fan coil unit​As the terminal equipment of central air conditioning, the appearance of fan coil unit is diverse, but it is mainly composed of motor, condenser and water tray. The main components of the fan coil unit: motor, surface cooler, water tray.
Motor: blow the air from the air inlet to the surface cooler, and then the air comes out from the air outlet to be cold and hot air.
Surface cooler: circulate the cold and hot water above the central air conditioner in the surface cooler. The surface cooler conducts the hot and cold airflow through the air into the room through copper tubes and fins to achieve the purpose of heating or cooling.
Water tray: When the hot and cold water passes through the copper tube, the energy consumed during the phase change process is partially in contact with the air to form condensed water. The function of the water tray is to hold the water evaporated from the surface cooler, and then flow away through the drain pipe.
Prevent condensed water dripping from affecting the indoor working environment. The quality of the fan coil unit is measured by the copper tube and aluminum foil fins with internal thread, and the quality of the above components plays a decisive role. For motors, the quality of the surface cooler (copper tube and fins) has a lot to do with it.

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